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The Zeal and Quickness in Serving Hashem With Joy

The purpose of Creation is to bring the awareness of Hashem to the maximum possible level.

This is only possible with the attribute of joy-simcha, since joy is what puts a person in the right frame of mind.

And being in the right frame of mind allows a person to serve Hashem with zeal and quickness.

With zeal and quickness a person can get things done and move forward - bringing the world so much closer to its complete rectification.

Whereas sadness and depression only lead to laziness and lethargy.

For this reason, the evil side attacks a person with worry and panic, which eventually leads to sadness and depression.

What is needed is an antidote to combat and overpower the attacks of the evil side.

The antidote is obviously joy and happiness, but something is needed to activate this joy and happiness.

Rebbe Nachman teaches that the Ketoret (and by extension - the daily sacrifices too) have the power to instill a person with joy and happiness.

(Today that we don't have either, the recitation of the pertaining Torah portions in the Shacharit and Mincha prayers activates to the best degree possible joy and happiness.)

However, because of this, the evil side makes it very, very hard and heavy to get up and pray the daily services (which correspond to the daily sacrifices).

This is why the Parshah begins with the word "Tzav" (to command) - "Command Aharon and his sons, saying, this is the law of the [daily] burnt offering".

As Rashi points out, Tzav-Command refers to zeal and quickness - i.e. that since the daily sacrifice brings such joy and light in life, the heaviness surrounding it is great indeed.

What is needed is a reminder of the tremendous benefit of performing the daily sacrifice, so that a Cohen priest can offer it with zeal and quickness.

So too, for every Jew, the benefit of getting out of bed in the morning and davening the daily prayers with zeal and quickness leads to immense joy, which is needed to bring the world to its complete rectification.


To go a step further - the word Tzav is also the root of the word Mitzvah.

Meaning, that the Mitzvot done with zeal and quickness bring joy and happiness.

Furthermore, Haman who sought to throw all of the Jewish nation into panic, worry, sadness and depression, heaviness and lethargy is numerically equal to Tzav - 96 (95+1 for the word=96).

For Haman is the antithesis of Tzav/Zeal/the Mitzvot with joy.

And this is the reason Parshat Tzav (this year) falls on the Shabbat preceding Pesach.

For the prerequisite joy of Tzav helps us to totally eliminate any trace of Haman and his 10 sons - the epitome of sadness and depression.

As is brought down in the holy writings - one should have in mind when destroying the 10 pieces of chametz on Erev Pesach to destroy the influence of Haman's 10 sons - i.e. sadness and depression.

May we merit the Tzav of holiness - the joyous Mitzvot done with zeal and quickness - so that we can finally see with our own eyes the Final Redemption and the completion of the rectification of all of Creation. Amen.

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